Grove Avenue
London TW1

Photography: Joseph Asghar

The brief sought to utilise a disused yard and to form a self-contained residential unit. The yard was sandwiched between the back of a Georgian terrace, a converted stable block and a local restaurant, leaving only one elevation with an open aspect.

The internal accommodation is organised over 2.5 floors, with a compact staircase enabling maximum use of the floor plate. At ground floor a double bedroom and bathroom are arranged around a light-well courtyard that brings daylight into the building’s otherwise enclosed plan.

The first floor and mezzanine level are accommodated below an open and asymmetric pitched roof. This bright, voluminous and dynamic space contains the kitchen, living room and home office.

The front face of the building consolidates the street elevation using the line of the roof to act as a transition from the rear of the tall Georgian terrace to the delicately scaled stable block. Cantilevered stainless steel planters sit below the upper window, animating the façade and offering a living privacy screen between the public and private domain.


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