Sandycombe Road Surrey TW9

The ‘hockey stick’ -shaped site houses a number of decrepit light industrial buildings that sit in awkward juxtaposition to the adjacent Victorian workers’ cottages. The brief for the project was to reorganise the accommodation to provide a mixed-use scheme of residential units and office/studio space in a manner that conformed to the established urban pattern and grain of Sandycombe Road.

The two-house, two-apartment residential proposals provide a continuation of the existing terrace in a scale and fenestration pattern that respects the established scale and rhythm of the adjacent cottages. The form of the roof and elevations combine with a complementing material palate, resulting in a building that is a considered response to its neighbours.

At the rear of the site a 400m2 office/studio is proposed. The low mono-pitched building form allows it to retain a discrete presence along its boundary edge with the neighbouring residential properties, whilst opening up along the railway side to allow natural light to spill into the work space. a planted roof to the office space provides a new green outlook across the site for the owners of adjacent gardens.

The residential building will achieve Code for Sustainable Housing Level 3 and the workspace will achieve BREEAM Excellent standards.

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